Wine Business and Marketing

At a time as complicated as the current one, due to the global health and economic crises, the HORECA sector and the wine industry must put into practice innovative techniques of marketing, promotion and organization of events to improve consumption and sales.

In such a changing market and where there is so much competition, it is essential for wineries, distributors, restaurants, hotels, shops, sommeliers and other professionals in the sector to adapt to the new reality, innovating in the way of promoting wine and organizing events to that this can improve sales. 

Course Content

  • Wine tourism
  • Social networks and Internet
  • Effective presentations
  • Sales and Promotion in Horeca
  • Sponsor management
  • Neuromarketing
  • Events and digital tastings
  • Event organization
  • Marketing for the wine industry
  • Covid-19: A new paradigm for wine
  • Sector analysis
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