Stress Management and Productivity Course

We live in a society with growing demands on our professional and personal life. We work too much, we do not prioritize our sleep, we eat poorly and abuse stimulants such as alcohol and tobacco.

We are influenced by the ups and downs of the economy as well as international conflicts. All of this is stress, considered by doctors and scientists as the enemies of our time - our lack of energy, illness, family conflicts and lack of happiness.

Course Content

Module 0 - Introduction

Module 1 - What is stress?

Module 2 - Balance and Energy

Module 3 - Rituals

Module 4 - Endorphins

Module 5 - Nutrition

Module 6 - Hydration

Module 7 - Alcohol and Travel

Module 8 - Breathing

Module 9 - Dream

Module 10 - Relaxation

Module 11 - Productivity

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