Chrand Marketing & Events has organized some of the most important congresses, conferences and trade fairs, specially in the sectors of the environment, sports and wine.

We have organized 3 editions of the World Conference on Climate Change and Wine with the participation of the most relevant speakers of the industry and keynote speakers Al Gore and Kofi Annan.

In Rioja and Hong Kong we organized the most important summits of the wine industry, Winefuture, with more than 1200 attendees of almost 60 nationalities and the most prestigious personalities.

We have also managed conferences and symposiums featuring names such as Francis Ford Coppola, Nick Bollettieri, Juan Verde, Robert Parker and many others. 

The services we offer our clients include:

  1. Design of the event
  2. Sourcing and hiring of speakers.
  3. Selection and hiring of the venue
  4. Design of the marketing campaign
  5. Design of sponsorship packages
  6. Accommodation and transportation for VIPs
  7. Technical and audio-visual design
  8. Web design
  9. Management and logistics of the event