He has been personally trained twice by Vice President Al Gore, with whom he has collaborated in five international events and is part of his foundation The Climate Reality Project. Pancho was also the person in charge of President Barack Obama's visit to the summit carried out by his company in Portugal called "Climate Change Leadership".

Pancho is an expert in holding conferences around the world in both Spanish and English. His main focus is climate change and always ensures to maintain an optimistic approach while offering feasible solutions for different industries.

Pancho is a known climate change activist with over 20 years of fieldwork and experience. He has traveled to destinations such as the Arctic Circle to South Africa to study the impacts of climate change in different ecosystems of the planet. He witnessed the impacts of global warming on the corals of the Caribbean as well as the vineyards of California, England, Spain, Portugal, France and China.

Pancho organized the first global event on the impacts of climate change in the wine industry, creating the "World Congress on Climate Change and Wine" in 2006 with several editions as well as the participation of the main experts in the sector and great international leaders such as Kofi Annan, Al Gore and Barack Obama.

Studying the coral reefs and shark marine life in the caribbean 

Guest speaker at the World Water Day in South Africa 

Studied the melting ice caps/glaciers in Iceland 

Studied the unique effects of climate change in the Arctic Circle 

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