May 20th to 23rd, 2021 - 04.00 TO 08.00 PM CET


At a time as complicated as the current one, due to the global health and economic crises, the HORECA sector and the wine industry must put into practice innovative techniques of marketing, promotion and organization of events to improve consumption and sales.

In such a changing market and where there is so much competition, it is essential for wineries, distributors, restaurants, hotels, shops, sommeliers and other professionals in the sector to adapt to the new reality, innovating in the way of promoting wine and organizing events to that this can improve sales.

Spain Wine School, The American College in Spain and Chrand Marketing & Events have created a course focused on helping the HORECA and wine sectors to improve in these areas, adapting the contents to the needs of the market, extrapolating, in many cases, marketing and event organization techniques from other sectors.

Course Content

  • Industry analysis: current state of the market
  • Marketing for the wine industry
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • PR, communications and media
  • Wine tourism
  • Effective presentations
  • Sales and Promotion in hospitality 
  • Sponsor management
  • Neuromarketing
  • Organization of wine events: in person, hybrid and virtual.
  • Event management
  • Covid-19: A new paradigm for wine

Course Objectives

  1. Apply marketing and promotion techniques to the gastronomic, wine and hospitality sectors.
  2. Learn the basics of marketing and promoting.
  3. Plan, organize and lead events.
  4. Design and organize wine tastings and events.
  5. Design marketing and promotional campaigns.
  6. Learn new and effective sales techniques.
  7. How to increase sales in the HORECA sector.
  8. Learn to organize digital events.
  9. Improve public speaking techniques to lead wine tastings, product presentations and conferences.
  10. Know the applications of neuromarketing to gastronomic and wine industries.

Who should take part?

This course has been specially designed to meet the needs of professionals in the HORECA industry and wine sectors, so it is aimed at:

  • Catering staff.
  • Importers and distributors.
  • Food and Beverage staff.
  • Hotel personnel.
  • Sommeliers.
  • Winemakers and winery staff.
  • Marketing personnel.
  • Retailers.
  • Export staff.
  • Wine shops.
  • Public relations and communication personnel.
  • Journalists and bloggers.
  • Festival and event organizers.


Pancho Campo - Course Director

A former tennis professional and Olympic captain, Pancho is the CEO and founder of Chrand Events.  Organizers of world-class events for the last 30 years in over 20 countries, with Chrand Events he has managed and produced summits and conferences with some of the most important world leaders, celebrities and Nobel Prize winners including: US President Barack Obama, US Vice-President Al Gore, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and film director Francis Ford Coppola amongst other notables. Founders and organizers of WineFuture, the World Conference on Climate Change & Wine, and co-organizers of Climate Change Leadership Porto 2018 and 2019 Chrand has managed and promoted concerts, sporting events and wine related events with legendary names such as Sting, Pink Floyd, Enrique Iglesias, Andre Agassi, Jancis Robinson, and Robert Parker. Amongst Campo's accomplishments has been his recognition as Spain's first Master of Wine (MW).

David Furer

David Furer is an internationally recognized communicator, marketer, and event organizer working since 1991 with the world's most recognized and far flung wine-producing locales. His news and opinion writings appear in US, British, and French drinks media outlets, and he's authored and contributed to several wine books. Since 1998 he's developed and executed marketing projects for numerous US, European, and South American organizations; since 2003 created, organized, spoken at and hosted events in Asia, Europe, and the US of topics including the climate crisis and the sociocultural origins of wine.

Diploma issued by The American College in Spain, Chrand Marketing & Events & Spain Wine School. 

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