First fully online course - October 2021

Information of Interest

  • Covid-19 has caused a tremendous adverse impact on all outdoor activities--no less concerts, MICE, sporting competitions, trade fairs and the live events industry in general and worldwide
  • This pandemic has accelerated the development, use, and adaptations of technology for the creation of virtual events. Once the planet overcomes the effects of this novel coronavirus the events industry will be revived but with hybrid events an integral, unending aspect of our future.
  • 70% of events with celebrities are riddled with faults of many kinds with only 45% of concerts profitable for the promoter.
  • 80% of marketing professionals believe that live events are a key tool when promoting your brand. 31% of these professionals think that, amongst all marketing initiatives, events are the most effective channel.
  • Mega-events rarely fulfill their potential for host destinations due to inadequate event management.
  • 63% of marketing executives plan to invest more in this type of actions in the foreseeable future in both budget and in number of events.
  • Companies spend on average 25% of their marketing budget at events.

The Course

  • Based on the above information and further data it is clear that event management, concert promotion, M.I.C.E., virtual and hybrid events will become increasingly important as a basis for multinational companies' marketing strategies and brand promotions.
  • The need for qualified personnel to conduct such events and activities is growing, but at this time there's a paucity of courses available to those motivated to learn and enter this field.
  • Chrand Events, with the academic support of The American College in Spain, have designed the most advanced and comprehensive course in mega event management. Conducted by experienced promoters and events management experts with extensive experience in the organization of large trade fairs, concerts, world class sporting events, summits with world leaders in both in-person and virtual events, the program has been designed and will be conducted in association with the leading companies in the event management industry,
  • The first edition of this course, in keeping with strict pandemic hygiene protocols, will occur virtually October 2021.

The Program

a. Teaching and Learning Methods 
Chrand's International Event Management course is founded upon the practical knowledge and its application. Featuring experienced lecturers and speakers who have worked extensively in the most important areas of this field its lectures, actual examples, and panels are all based upon real events executed by professionals with decades of proven success.
b. The program features:

  • • Lectures, panels and masterclasses on the topics listed below. 

  • • Debates and panel sessions where students can interact with the speakers and experts, asking questions and debating on topics related to event promotion.
  • • Group work - students will be divided in groups that will work as teams in topics assigned by the course director.

Who should attend the Course? 

The course is directed to professionals already working in events who'd like to improve their knowledge, to learn the latest trends and strategies in the different areas that will be covered during the course.

It is also directed to people who work in areas directly or indirectly related to event management.

Hospitality and event management students, as well as people who are interested in making a career in event management are also welcome.

The following are some of the people who can benefits from attending this course:

Concert promoters

M.I.C.E. organizers

Sporting event promoters

PR & communications agencies

Hospitality schools

Advertising agencies

Government agencies

Trade fair organizers

Marketing managers

Marketing agencies

Hotel management

Venue Owners

Event management students


The Format

  • The course will be conducted in a fully virtual format.
  • Once a participant registers a link will be sent to download the supporting instructional material.
  • Days before the commencement of the course, each participant will receive a link to log on to the virtual platform. This link will also allow them to watch the recordings of the sessions subsequent to its original broadcast.

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