• 70% of events with celebrities have serious faults and only 45% of concerts are profitable for the promoter.
  • 80% of marketing professionals believe that live events are a key tool when promoting your brand. 31% of these professionals think that, among all marketing actions, events are the most effective channel.
  • Mega-events rarely fulfill their potential for host destinations due to poor event management.
  • 63% of marketing executives plan to invest more in these types of actions in the coming years, both in budget and in number of events.
  • Companies spend an average of 25% of their marketing budgets upon events.



  • Based on the above statistics and data it is clear that event management, concert promotion and M.I.C.E. (Management International Course Events) will become increasingly important for multinationals interested in promoting their brands and marketing strategies.
  • Unfortunately, there are no courses available in the market conducted by experienced promoters and events management experts for the organization of large trade fairs, mega concerts, world-class sporting events or summits with world leaders.
  • Chrand Marketing & Events, with the academic support of The American College in Spain and Florida International University Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, has designed the most advanced, intensive and comprehensive course in mega event management.
  • This program has been designed and will be conducted in association with leading companies in the event management industry.
  • The first edition of this course will take place in Spain's Marbella and
    Madrid on March 2020 with it later being offered in Asia, Latam and
    the US.
  • Organized by one of the leading event management agencies.
  • With the academic support of leading universities in Spain and the US.
  • Supported by the world´s leading events management related companies.
  • Conducted by leading experts in their fields.
  • The first course on event management of its kind 4-5 star accommodation with full boarding and hospitality.
  • Lectures, practical sessions, and visits to events and venues.
  • Guided visits to state-of-the-art concert venues, fairs, stadiums and arenas.
  • Attendance at mega concerts and sporting events.


Organizers or world-class events for the last 30 years in over 20 countries. Our team of professionals has managed and produced summits and conferences with some of the most important world leaders, celebrities and Nobel Prize winners, including:

  • President Barack Obama
  • Vice-president Al Gore
  • Secretary General Kofi Annan
  • Francis Ford Coppola

Chrand has also managed and promoted concerts, sporting events and wine related events with legendary names such as:

  • Sting
  • Pink Floyd
  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Andre Agassi
  • Eric Cantona
  • Stefan Edberg
  • And Robert Parker

Our services include:

  • Event design
  • Talent booking
  • Audio Visual Production
  • Venue design and setup
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Security
  • And Hospitality

Chrand is a one-stop shop for your next event, which also offers consultancy services for corporations, governments and NGO´s around the world. Our areas of expertise include event management and production, climate change, corporate social responsibility, marketing and orange economy