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Stress Management and Productivity Course

We live in a society with growing demands on our professional and personal life. We work too much, we do not prioritize our sleep, we eat poorly and abuse stimulants such as alcohol and tobacco. We are influenced by the ups and downs of the economy as well as international conflicts. All of this is stress, considered by doctors and scientists as the enemies of our time - our lack of energy, illness, family conflicts and lack of happiness. Course Content Module 0 - Introduction Module 1 - What is stress? Module 2 - Balance and Energy Module 3 - Rituals Module 4 - Endorphins Module 5 - Nutrition Module 6 - Hydration Module 7 - Alcohol and Travel Module 8 - Breathing Module 9 - Dream Module 10 - Relaxation Module 11 - Productivity

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Introduction to Event Management

Designed for people or companies who wish to organize their own events without involving third parties, or for people who simply wish to enhance their knowledge. This course also includes an important section on the organization of virtual as well as hybrid events, to comply with the current health regulations imposed due to COVID-19. We are convinced that "virtual" will our new reality. Course Content Design of event production Insurance Stress management during events Sponsorship management Marketing and sales Assembly of headquarters Festivals and exhibitions Artist, athlete and spokespeople recruitment Working with celebrities Technical rider General & Corporate Hospitality Digital Events

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Wine Business and Marketing

At a time as complicated as the current one, due to the global health and economic crises, the HORECA sector and the wine industry must put into practice innovative techniques of marketing, promotion and organization of events to improve consumption and sales. In such a changing market and where there is so much competition, it is essential for wineries, distributors, restaurants, hotels, shops, sommeliers and other professionals in the sector to adapt to the new reality, innovating in the way of promoting wine and organizing events to that this can improve sales.  Course Content Wine tourism Social networks and Internet Effective presentations Sales and Promotion in Horeca Sponsor management Neuromarketing Events and digital tastings Event organization Marketing for the wine industry Covid-19: A new paradigm for wine Sector analysis

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    Online Webinars

    Event Management Workshop

    In this conference, Pancho Campo shares with the audience the experience of more than 30 years that he and his company Chrand Marketing & Events have organized large events, concerts, congresses and summits in more than 20 countries. Topics to be discussed: Types of events and what they are for; Events as a marketing strategy; Main challenges for the event organizer; Phases in the management of an event; Anecdotes lived in events with Al Gore, Barack Obama, Sting, Andre Agassi, Eric Cantona, etc...

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    Stress Management and Motivation Workshop

    It aims to help attendees cope with stress while improving their performance. This conference is aimed at a very wide audience but Pancho has adapted it and taught it to multinationals, athletes, SMEs, schools, universities, professional associations and NGOs

    30.00 €

    Climate Change Crisis Workshop

    Workshop that explains the origin of climate change, both natural and anthropogenic, its impacts on different parts of the planet and how it is affecting different industries. Most important are the solutions described, both mitigation and adaptation.

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